To make the figure of an easy paper heart, step by step, we must first fold a square of paper in half. Of course, we have to turn it, so that initially we can see it as if it were a diamond. The upper tip of the sheet must be turned downwards, so that it comes together, with the upper part of it. We must fold it all well, previous step to reopen the sheet.

About work

These beautiful hearts, made with colored fabrics, patterned fabrics, plain fabrics, flower fabrics, felt cloth … as you prefer, they can be used to decorate a center, to hang them on a branch placed in a vase, to hang the doors of the cabinets, to make a hanging mobile for a baby, for gift decorations, to make fragrances for the drawers … and of course to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. Also, you can make them in a thousand different sizes, even imagine a cushion heart … I love the idea. If you are more classical, combining fabrics in tan colors, you can find in our online fabric store. And if you like more modern decoration, mixing a thousand colored fabrics. A smooth fabric, which could be felt for example.
A printed fabric.
Filled with miraguano.
Scissors with zig zag cut (which you can find by clicking here).
And really want to do nice things !!!

Turning the heart around, we would have the heart of paper folded.

Creating hearts

During the cold winter days, the sweater remains the most desirable and most up-to-date everyday garment. But after a winter season, the favorite sweaters, though not out of fashion, turn into old-fashioned clothes and remain forgotten and buried deep in our wardrobe. Do you know that you can transform the monotonous and boring casual blouses and sweaters into modern clothes? With a few simple steps and tips you will make old clothes more colorful and interesting. Now we’ll show you how to make a sweater of hearts. Whether you will make the two hearts the same color or choose two different colors depends on how much you like to experiment with the style of dressing.

We advise you to choose the most up-to-date colors for the season. This will make you look much more stylish and refined.


To make an origami heart, you may think that it is too complicated, although the truth is that following all the steps in detail, we can make our origami heart perfect and we will be able to give it to our love.

Steps to follow
We take a sheet of paper, and we fold it in half. We open the sheet again, and now, we bend one of the corners
Now we do the same for the other side, and if you turn the page you will have a straight rectangle, as we see here:
Now we have to fold the top with our fingers. Pressing one of the corners with the yolk and do the same procedure with the other end. It has to look like this:
We continue folding the upper part folded. And we do the same with the other side.
Now we fold the rectangle in half again, and bend each end. Now we have to lower the top of the paper to make our heart have a small support and go.